Hi, I am Priyangshu Goswami

I am a feelings-based coach in Groningen with over five years of experience. Using neuropsychology and neuroscience, I empower clients to enhance confidence and competence in self and relationships. 

Let me tell you a bit about myself

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As a child growing up in India life can be overwhelming, when there are so many people racing towards the same goal, and friends & family have their expectations set up on you. At that moment, I found it very difficult to find myself and understand who I am. At that point if I could have received any form of guidance or help, I would have appreciated it. Acknowledging or even asking for any sort of help and guidance, however, is difficult.

That is why I want to make an impact on this world by helping people eliminate the obstacles they create for themselves. It gives me a sense of fulfilment to see others grow around me. Over the past years I have helped to develop Flonker’s Feelings-Based Methodology, and strive to help clients explore their emotions, enabling you to embrace and regulate them effectively. When it comes to my work, I am highly curious and committed to delving deep beyond the surface of mental health. 

Your program offered me a quiet place in the everyday hustle and bustle. You really take time to listen and kindly lead into introspection. You challenged me to set up the true goals in life, and which values truly matters. That gradually connected me with myself. I want to thank you for the wisdom you brought, your natural calm and understanding. The models really helped to clarify my inner fears and strengths, from where I could regain confidence and belief. You were a great gift, I hope you will mean a lot to others.

Age: 44

Pri gave me tools to find out what is important to me, where I want to focus on in my life and what needs development. He put me in the right direction and now it’s on me to use the tools he gave me and develop myself in to the life I want to lead. Pri is a wonderful person, a good listener, gives you beautiful insights, is willing to learn and eager to help. I wish everybody (a) Pri in their life. The basic program gave me tools and insights. I liked the personal touch he gave it by showing examples of his own life and the way he reacted to my personal issues.


Age: 57

For me I feel like this program was very useful. It gave me the tools to deal with stress and my own anxiety. Pri would guide us through multiple topics throughout the program and from that would give us insights on how to better understand our feelings, thoughts, an dour actions. He always create a very comfortable environment which allowed all of us to share our own stories and experiences. Pri would also take his time while explaining the topics in the classroom and also listen to our questions when we had any. I definitely feel I learned a lot from this course and I would recommend any student of Groningen to try out this course.  


Age: 24

When life gives you lemons, call Pri. He will show you how to make tasty lemonade! If it feels like your life plunges or you’ve lost your direction and who you are, reach out to him. In our one-on-one sessions Pri helped me simplify and validate my feelings and situation. Pri’s compassionate, uplifting and effective coaching style gave me perspective and shed light on the aspects of myself that concealed in the blurriness. He created a secure space that encouraged me to trust him with my feelings, to open up, and to understand myself on a deeper neurological level. His tools gave me clarity and became a reference point in how I lead my life and approach all relationships in it.
Thank you, Pri!


Age: 27

What a coaching session with me looks like

My coaching sessions are usually 1-2 hours long, and take the form of an open conversation. Using models and diagrams to help visualize our feelings, I gently guide you through the process of recognizing, correctly labeling and, ultimately, regulating your emotions. As a coach, I strongly believe in the value of storytelling to provide opportunities for reflection and discovering new perspectives. During our coaching sessions, I invite you to share your story in a safe and non-judgmental environment, and I frequently use concrete, real-life examples to make complex feelings and thoughts more tangible. My emphasis is on targeting the root of the problem, rather than finding temporary strategies to provide relief.

The sessions with me are somewhat different from normal coaching sessions. I like to see each session as a piece of a puzzle and as we go through these sessions, we fit, remove or add something to our own puzzle set. My hope is to give you more pieces which you can fit into your own puzzles, so that you have a clearer picture of what you are building towards in life.

I also organize (tailored) workshops & events

Ever since COVID-19 more and more mental health issues have been coming up. If you are looking for an expert who can help address such issues in a group-setting, I can help you understand and regulate your feelings, emotions, and thoughts through my workshops.  As an expert on burnout and emotional competency, I specialize in going beyond the surface, delving deep into the heart of mental health. What sets my workshops apart is the commitment to tailoring each experience to your unique needs. No one-size-fits-all here – every session is born out of careful observation, understanding your distinct challenges, and tapping into your aspirations. 


Bid farewell to conventional workshops that feel detached. Expect interactive exercises, thought-provoking discussions, and a supportive community making the workshops extremely dynamic and immersive in its nature. Every workshop is a fusion of the latest insights in mental health, neuroscience, and practical strategies. The goal is not merely to impart knowledge but to empower you with a comprehensive understanding that lasts.

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