Feeling Based Coaching

I believe we need to make sense out of our lives in order to be happy. Life gives us challenges. That’s a fact. And instead of fighting life, it will help you much more to find out how to deal with life. The best way to do that is analyze your feelings and thoughts and determine who you want to be. Then you can decide on the best choices in your life. And live a life true to yourself.

Explore the two programs I have for you, one is for individual face to face coaching and the second one is a group coaching sessions which is exclusively made for students.

Who am I and why work with me?

As an enterprising coach I help you get started on by helping you create a harmonious relationship with yourself first,  so that it becomes easy to build your life the way you want it to be .
  • Bring out the best in you
  • Increase creativity and productivity
  • Less stress and better health
  • Create amazing opportunities
  • Live a holistic and purposeful life. 

I deeply care and enjoy bringing out the best in you while understanding where you are coming from and supporting you in creating a life you love. 

Here is the plan...

There are two driving forces in life: avoiding pain and bad feelings, and finding pleasure. I can help you figure out how to handle both.

Based on your questions and goals we go over a broad range of topics in a structured but storydriven manner. We will analyze your patterns, automatism and coping mechanisms and figure out ways that suit you better. I will help you find strategies to handle life on multiple levels, finding your own personal Blueprint.

The Flonker Method

We are a big fan of practical solutions that can also be scientifically substantiated. Our goal in coaching is to ensure that your feeling becomes logical again: then the load of the situation is removed and the unrest disappears. So that you have space in your head again to choose what is good for you!

Hear what others have to say...


”I really liked the program, it helps you to look at things differently. It helped me to put my own qualities and talents in a different perspective. And I learned how to use them in job applications and interviews. By asking the right questions Pri helped me getting a clearer view of what motivates me not only work-wise but also in my personal life. I now know which steps to take to get to my goals.”


Age; 28

”Pri gave me tools to find out what is important to me, where I want to focus on in my life and what needs development. He put me in the right direction and now it’s on me to use the tools he gave me and develop myself in to the life I want to lead. Pri is a wonderful person, a good listener, gives you beautiful insights, is willing to learn and eager to help. I wish everybody (a) Pri in their life. The basic program gave me tools and insights. I liked the personal touch he gave it by showing examples of his own life and the way he reacted to my personal issues.


Age; 57

The sessions with Pri are not always easy but I think that’s a good thing. He makes you think in other directions and gives good examples to explain his thoughts and advices. The thing I like about the sessions with Pri is the way he makes you think about the bigger things in life.


Age; 33

Your program offered me a quiet place in the everyday hustle and bustle. You really take time to listen and kindly lead into introspection. You challenged me to set up the true goals in life, and which values truly matters. That gradually connected me with myself. I want to thank you for the wisdom you brought, your natural calm and understanding. The models really helped to clarify my inner fears and strengths, from where I could regain confidence and belief. You were a great gift, I hope you will mean a lot to others.


Age; 44


I would say yes and no, I am young to be a coach but at the same time coaching has been my passion and my interest ever since I can remember. I have developed this course by following through multiple coaching courses and books within this area. Joke(Professional Psychologist & Coach ) has also looked at the program and certified it. With my curiosity and Joke’s knowledge and guidance I have been able to coach multiple people and help them understand on what has happened to us and where can we begin. 

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